My dog is Jumping on everyone!

Jumping is a very common issue for most families with dogs… When dogs are young (puppies) us humans reward the puppy when they jump. The way we reward them is my touching them when they jump up. Their paws are om out leg or is they are taller they may be as high as your stomach. Some folks will now pet the dog and say good boy to them they may even get a lick or two. While other folks may “push” the dog down and say NO! This person may have even kneed the dog in his chest or ribs.

From the dog’s perspective;  now the dog is confused… One human was happy to have the dog jump up on them and the next human got mad at me!

The old saying about “you have to be consistent or the dog won’t learn” that’s absolutely true.

First I have to get this out of the way… please stop kneeing your dogs. Yes i know it gets your dog off you and may even teach then to stop jumping but it’s wrong and it hurts your dog. Kneeing dogs trunes the trust into rust. In other words by kneeing you dog you’re sending the message that he oe she can not trust you. I have seen great dogs be scared of their own owners after being knned, I have seen dogs get dislocated ribs and one dog even had a fractured rib from being kneed by their owner. Kneeing a dog is old school training, Its not the way to train your family pet.

While it’s difficult to teach you how to stop your dog from jumping through a blog post, I’ll give you a few helpful tips how to stop your dog from jumping.

Fist lets get your dog to listen to the basics… Sit, stay, come, down. Walking nice on a leash is key and can help when guest come into your home.

Never Pet your dog or even touch your dog when he jumps up.

When guest come into your home, leash your dog, guide your dog to sit and then the guest can greet him. Always stay calm and show your dog leadership without force.

Recreate the jumping situations but now you are ready. Correct him when he drops his head right before he jumps. All dogs will drop the heads before they jump to gain momentum. Recreate this and other scenarios to reinforce that jumping isn’t allowed.

Correcting a dog the right way, not by kneeing or any physical correction is my philosophy.

Physical corrections is not effective and in come cases becomes abusive.

You can try using a squirt bottle however if used incorrectly, it could make you dog reactive. The reason it’s hard to explain how to anything with your dog is because, I do not know your dog.

I do not know his or her temperament.  It’s all about your relationship with your dog. Once I know your dog I can use the correct method that fit’s your dogs temperament and the humans personality.

Because I may never meet your dog I ask that when you teach your dog anything, always take into account how your dog learns best. We want to build on small success, rewarding your dog when he responds correctly is the key. Too many correction will give you poor results because your discouraging the dog too many time. Think about when you’re trying to do something and someone is behind you saying, WRONG, do it again…WRONG,…WRONG do it again …  if you’re anything like me, you’ll tell the guy to do it yourself and walk away. Am I right? Well if we correct our dogs too harshly or too many times the result is always the same.. the dog shuts down and tries to ignore you. Your dog  may even turn his or her head and ignore you. Many dogs will start Yarning, looking away and just act like you’re not there. At this point it time to let your dog have some time. It’s not time to start yanking on his collar and yelling at him. Dogs that are new to training should have short, 15 to 20 minutes of training and puppies need less, 5 to 10 minutes. Again it depends on the dogs temperament.

The first suggestion is to


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