How to Train Your Dog in 2021

Today’s post is about training your dog in the New Year 2021. This year I’m suggesting to dog owners to change there training habits. If your dog isn’t listing, isn’t coming when called, or sitting or…. It’s time for you to change your training style. No yelling, yes at times we need to be firm but yellig seldom helps any situation. Never use force, I teach my clients to not use your hands to push your dog’s butt down or to move your dog into position. Another classic one is pushing your dog down when they jump up on you… Think of it this way, when we use our hands to muscle our dogs into position, we are actually physically doing it for them. They mostly don’t learn that way, the best lesson is to get your dog to actually get down off you when you tell them to, without pushing them. In many cases when we touch or push our dogs to get them to do something they view that as praise or attention. So it sends the wrong message!

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Let’s become a proactive pack leader. Train using with leadership without force, no painful equipment, no pinch collars or choke collars. The goal is to help your dog to be a safe, to be a fun loving member of your family/ pack.

Please check out this link for some new year training ideas,

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