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A Funeral for a Hero Dog- The Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dog…

We see many dogs helping people, some help people in service work, some are guide dogs. All of them are loved by their people. They are all heros to the people that they help. To us dog owners, our dogs move us, it’s something inside of us that happens when we are with our dogs. Dog lovers or even pet lovers know exactly what I’m talking about. That feeling you get when your dog sits by your side when you need him most and you didn’t even have to call him or her. They just knew you needed them. (In this post we won’t talk about when you call them and they ignore you, lol)

This sad story is about a dog that help at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. This girl was a Hero to us all, she had a job and did it very well. Thank you Bretagne, for all the help and joy you gave to so many. You made things better for many people and help countless people feel better every day of your life.

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Holiday Dog Training Tips Highlighted on KVOA TV News in Tucson

KVOA TV NewsCanine Coach Gerard Raneri with Dog Training Mobile here in Tucson talks over how to keep your pooch safe this Christmas Season.

KVOA television news heads off to neighborhood dog training coach Gerard Raneri for these puppy or dog preparing tips to help any dog owners in Tucson, AZ that hope to have people over for the holidays.

Some key points from the tv segment:

  • Practice with your canines before your family, relatives, or wanted visitors come over.
  • Stay away from plants, mistletoes or tinsel all of which can make dogs very sick

Watch the video below and pass it on to anybody you think it can help this winter season.

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