Our Tucson Dog Training Method

After working with dogs for many years and learning many different methods, its become clear to me that Relationship Based methods make the most sense.

Every dog is unique and every person is unique, understanding this is why we use this method. What’s best for the dog as well as what is the owner able to help the dog?  Is the owner physically  able to take the dog for much needed walks? What is the limitations of the person training the dog? How much time is your dog alone for every day? Questions like this are very important when it comes to helping you with your canine relationship. We take one step at a time and resolve the issues, it’s amazing how quickly we can resolve some issues when we address the root cause of the problem.

After meeting you and your dog(s) we will assess your situation and decide on what direction to go.  We never use any harsh equipment or methods such as shock, pinch or choke collars.

We work very hard to match your dogs temperament with the method as well as your time and ability. Here is an example; Some dogs are so fearful that treats will be ignored, while other dogs when they become fearful giving them a treat, with the correct timing,  will turn things around immediately.  While some dogs if food is introduced will become aggressive or can only focus on the food itself.

The idea is to help our dogs, not stress them out more, so we use a common sense approach to reach them.  We are using science based methods, founded on solid research.

Namely, Relationship Based Dog Training, Operant Conditioning, Classical Conditioning…  all depending on your dogs temperament and response to the training. We are not stuck with one method, we use what works best for you and your dog, without force or pain methods. Some training companies use the exact same method for every dog… We do not, we assess each dog and use the best method but one thing that is exact for every dog, no pain, no force. We teach your dog and build your relationship so your dog learns and your relationship grows.

I look forward to your questions and meeting your pack!