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Dog Training Tucson

First, we discuss your situation via phone or email. If you like what you hear (or read), we send you a written, detailed breakdown of all our training packages including pricing and timelines, so you know the exact cost and time commitment of each option. Then we set up an initial no-obligation interview in your home.  After meeting you and your dog in your home, we will discuss your specific situation and decide together what package best fits your and your dog’s training needs. If for any reason, you don’t wish to proceed, you can just say thanks but no thanks. However, if you do like our system and want to move forward, we can begin the training on the spot.

Why Do We Come to Your Home? In Home Dog Training Tucson

Over our 20+ years of experience in training dogs, we’ve found that most unwanted behaviors have started in the home. Therefore, we work to reverse the behavior where it began and where it happens most often. We also work to reverse behaviors in which the dog is undermining the pack leader (you). We believe that if you can’t gain control of your dog in your own home, you won’t be able to do so in a more stressful environment, such as walking past the neighbor’s barking dog.

Dogs learn quickly in their own environment. Once we tackle problem issues in your home, we then move on to address outside distractions. We will help with vet visits, parks, walks or anyplace you need help. Gerard even went to Del Mar California to help a client once.

Every dog is unique and our training is customized for each dog’s needs as well as the owners’ needs. In addition, our holistic approach addresses the “total dog”, from the food they eat to where they sleep. It’s all part of our service and part of our Dog training packages.

Our Packages

Foundation – Please keep in mind, for most clients, “The Foundation” package is all that’s needed. After we talk and after I meet your pack I can assess that.

3 visits to your home or where needed used within 6 to 8 weeks.

What’s included? Please, (contact me for quote & details)

Foundation Plus – Upon completion of The Foundation Package, you can choose to upgrade to this package (and therefore add more lesson).

Up to 6 lessons in your home or where need, over 6 months. You’re adding 3 visits to the Foundation Package.

What’s included? Please, contact me for details!

Extended Package – Up to 12 lessons in your home and outings , over 12 months. you can choose to upgrade to this package (and therefore add more lesson).

Please, email or call me at (520) 369-3647 or (520) 440-8848 for our detailed pricing for all packages.

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